Computer Services Offered by PC House Calls

Computer repairs, recovery & diagnosis

  • Diagnose and fix your computer problems
  • Virus, Spyware and Popup removal
  • Tune up your computer by removing dangerous and extraneous applications, unused files and reorganizing your hard drive for efficient usage
  • Recover lost data, restore important pictures and documents

Computer set up & design

  • Setup your new computer
  • Design, Install or Repair a home or business network (wired or wireless)
  • Install wired or wireless printers
  • Upgrade your computer - Add more memory, Add a larger hard drive, Add a faster processor, Add special hardware such as document, photo, or slide scanners, recording equipment, cameras and camera interfaces.
  • Add new applications (software)
  • Update or upgrade your Windows Operating System
  • Build a new computer to your specifications
  • Transfer important data from your old computer to your new computer

Computer & home security

  • Backup your important data and setup a backup system (hardware and software) for you
  • Install a home or business monitoring system - You can see who is at your door or record your home or business environment while you are away. You can even see what is going on at your home or business from your smart phone.

Computer training

  • Hands on, one to one computer training


Military & Senior Discounts for PC Repairs

 At PC House Calls, we want to honor and give back to those who have given so much already. See our Rates Page for the discount we offer.